Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

Counter space isn’t the easiest thing to find. What was once a re-claimed space quickly becomes a stack of mail or other miscellaneous items. It’s as if the void of empty space quickly draws in items that don’t have a home. So while there’s a clean space it’s best to designate it for an intentional purpose. What better than a pick-me-up coffee station. Create a tiny space where people can distress, relax and start the day a new.

Since space is typically limited, let’s see what the options are for expanding. Either outward or upward are basically what you have to work with here. Vertical shelving or additional counter space using a variety of different furniture items. Shabby chic, modern, farmhouse, industrial. The list goes on but as far as themes go stick with one and run with it. The best thing about creating a new coffee station is that it doesn’t have to necessarily fit in with the general theme of the house. That’s one big draw to coffee bars. Imagine the modern kitchen with a farmhouse style coffee bar. They blend together like two peas in a space-pod.

What Goes Up Is Easily Found

The space above is a great place to start for utilizing kitchen space. Racks, shelves and cabinets are mainly what we’re talking about although there are plenty of areas to work in, such as an overlooking window ledge.

Introducing Rack-space to the Recipe

With so many kitchen racks to choose from it’s hard to know where to begin. This is why a theme is so essential. Farmhouse will want to play with wood texture while the industrial theme is going to utilize something more like lead pipes. But really, when a theme is selected all it really takes is to punch it into the search engine or pop over to Pinterest.

Racks give the feeling of open and organized. They are the first place loose items go and can quickly become filled. So when considering rack options its best to take what you have in mind and not overdo it. The coffee nook is intended to generate a sense of calm. While organization can be relieving, too much in one space can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a couple examples

Coffee Bar with Simple Hooks for Mugs
For minimalist design, here’s a DIY Coffee Bar with 4 simple hooks for cups

home coffee station

Mugs, Tea and Coffee. This simple design from Decoholic spells it all.

Making the Most of Shelving

More often than not a kitchen space is going to already have storage space planned in. One simple trick is to remove the cabinet doors, paint over the holes and enjoy a convenient grab-and-go design. Here’s a simple concept of what that looks like.

Shelving for Coffee Bar

Utilizing Shelving Space in a fun coffee bar design. Chloe, custom mugs.

Sweet and Savory, Coffee Shop Treats

This coffee bar is going to be right next to the kitchen so let’s utilize the benefits. Having the convenience of a standard kitchen means making coffee pairing items is a go-to. Here’s 30 Popular Coffee Shop Treats that can be made at home for starters.

Creating the space for sweet delicatessens is the next hurdle. With cookies it’s as simple as plating them up with saran wrap to hold in moisture until ready but other treats can be more of a challenge. Fortunately the fridge is nearby so the pro-tip here is to create a section in the fridge that is dedicated to this new coffee project. In fact, getting the fridge dialed in for meal planning is a huge home hack. Check out 35+ Creative Ways to Organize Your Fridge to get started.

diy chalkboard fridge

Switch it up for the Holidays

One thing that keeps us frequenting coffee stands is that they are always switching it up. From pumpkin lattes to sugar cookies there is always something new for the holidays. This creates the feeling of home in an establishment, but let’s take it a step further and get homey in the living space.

The best thing about a seasonal coffee bar is that it has the ability to transform for any occasion. Got a wedding to plan for, or are the kids going back to school? Switch it up. Now with this in mind it’s easy to see that custom styling options can become expensive. So, for a seasonal coffee station it’s a good idea to keep the main staples and focus on decoration for change.

Staying on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean the stationary items have to stay completely stagnant. Things like coffee cups can easily be switched up for different occasions when they’re a little more neutral. So, instead of cups stating, ‘Spring is Here’ try choosing pastel colors like canary yellow and baby blue. Drink types are another thing that is easily interchangeable. Separate boxes for tea and hot cocoa make switching it up a snap.

Another trick that catches the eye is the use of color on a chalkboard. Not the artsy type? Totally fine. Check out these chalk lettering stencils on Etsy. And while over there take a look at cups and accessories from your favorite designer.

chalkboard lettering tips and tricks pop shop americaChalkboard Lettering from PopshopAmerica

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