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Bar Countertop Design

Looking for that perfect home bar to entertain guests in style? A design that fits with the current home layout but pops out as personal fun can be a tricky ordeal. Take a look through some of these examples to set the tone of your own home design.

Epoxy White Countertop
White and Copper Countertop Design

Elements to Consider

Are we going outdoors, downstairs, revamping the dining room or maybe moving it into the garage. This will most certainly depend on available space and of course budget.

Rustic Bar

Breakfast Bar, Coffee Bar or Traditional

For additional tips on coffee bars, take a look at our article on these here >>. A coffee bar can be a fun addition to the home that can be as simple as adding a rolling cart with chalkboard and fancy mugs. Breakfast bars will work best as additions to the kitchen or offsets to the dining room. The main point is to establish the space, the idea and keep it consistent. In all cases a place for plates, saucers, mugs or shot-glasses is going to be essential. If there’s room, the mini-fridge is an excellent addition that can set the tone by keeping the theme chill. Coffee creamer, orange juice or mixers, having the necessary elements within arms reach is going to ground your cravings into one designated spot.

Home bar with tile
Go blue or Go Home

Bar Cabinets and Accessories

Cups and mugs are the essential ingredient to any home bar. In small quarters simple racks for hanging these ingredients will suffice. When there’s space available, an established cabinet will create the look that really sets the intention of this space. Open space vs closing cabinet doors can create the ease of movement that will make quick pit-stops to the new bar more desirable. Typically grandma’s chinaware won’t be held in these cabinets so no need for dust control.

Rackspace for a bar

Shapes to Consider

When it comes to full sized bars there are a variety of shapes to consider. These are easily imagined using letters to name them. Typically the bar shapes installed are L, I or U shaped designs. Also available to consider are the galley and a G shaped bar design. The galley concept is two parallel I bars where the host can run down the middle and work back and forth between the two elements. In a G Shaped design there is basically an additional tag element added to the traditional U shaped bar. This is easy to imagine as a barbeque tailing off of an outdoor bar area.

rustic u shaped bar
The barn bar counter design for backyard barn

Short on Space? 

Consider integrating a tiny bar element to unused areas. This will take a bit of imagination and a little more intention to get things established. Places that have worked for other people are using an under the stairs design, revamping an old closet or simply adding a large shelf under windows in usable spaces.


Still Deciding, Try Something Temporary

There are a number of elements to consider and a variety of spaces this home bar can go into so why not try something small in the spaces available that can move around until the perfect spot is found. A rolling cart will work well for this. Start by finding a few saucers, mugs and glasses for setting tone. Maybe a fruit basket or erasable chalk-bard and try out places until the perfect one is fit. Unsure where to go? Is there a space that you frequent which can be temporarily moved? This is great for establishing intention. Take the recliner and move it aside for a week or two. Put this new bar concept in that zone you frequent all the time and occupy the space until the concept you’re dreaming up is complete. Once done, or at least started then try out the rolling cart in a new space that could possibly be your bar home residence.

Continued Reading and Pictures for Ideas

This will most certainly take more research. And what better place but Pinterest. Here’s a few links to home bar concepts that will help keep up the fire now that it’s been stoked.

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