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Tub to Shower Conversions

That bathroom remodel project just got a lot easier with Straightline Construction and Granite on the job. Many people prefer to tackle bathroom projects on their own since home-renovation TV shows have taken over the airwaves. Ripping out a bathroom vanity or even tearing out an old tub may seem like a fun project but the headache of install oftentimes is overwhelming. Not only that, but there may be a myriad of problems that come to surface when the original unit is removed. When it comes to mold, a simple roll of Killz isn’t always a permanent solution. But no need to worry, with the combined effort of your due diligence and our handy work this project is going to come together like a snap. 


A Tub to Shower Conversion Can Redefine Bathroom Design

Converting to a new shower space isn’t just a recent fad, it’s a way to add value to a home\’s resale. Real estate agents don’t see an additional tub as much of a benefit to the resale of a home. Tubs can be awkward. A person has to step over to get out and if there isn’t a good enough slip mat, the surface can be a real hazard. According to the CDC the most dangerous space in a home is the bathroom. That big clunky tub isn’t making the argument any much better. Plus, after the kids grow up a tub just doesn’t get much general use in today’s move move move society. It\’s a wonderful thing to have and especially hard to lose if it\’s the only tub in the house. But, consider the alternatives. Portable hot-tubs are making a big splash in the market right now and at prices that are certainly worth the consideration.
(photo of inflatable tub)Instead of a soak with a timeline, consider a night under the stars with friends or a loved one at that perfect temperature until you determine its time to get out. Not a bad trade-off eh? And it’s portable, so you can place it right outside the screen door for convenience. 

Bathroom Remodel 2022 04 2

All That Extra Space

Now a shower addition might not actually give in to much more additional space, but the look of a shower certainly alludes to plenty more leg room. In the busy work-world, the comforts of a bathroom can really make the day. When the space is enjoyable it\’s so much easier to stop, take a moment and get your head in the game. The open air feeling of a shower allows for this comfort. It is something that can be enjoyed after a long, sound sleep or after a hard day. No waiting, just jump in and cool down. 

Disadvantages to losing a tub

Kids love them. So, if it’s the only tub in the house then it might be best to consider renovation a few years down the line. There’s nothing that can really replace bathtime with a rubber ducky. Outside of own, personal enjoyment that’s about it. The shower’s in, and the options are endless.

Preparing for a New Shower Install

Most houses have all of the pipework at one end of the bath. Keeping the shower at this end will make it much easier. Measure for sizes and take a look at different shower styles offered at big name hardware stores. This will give a decent representation for what’s available out there. For a variety of styles, look through Pinterest galleries that people have posted up. The world of social media has made selecting bathroom styles a breeze. Just jump down the internet rabbit hole and see where your own choices take you. Accessories are a big thing to consider when it comes down to the nitty gritty. Check out cubicles, doors, storage options while browsing the world wide web.

Door options. To slide or not to slide

Many shower enclosures are packaged with a matching shower tray.  There are times where this just isn’t enough. One thing to consider when going over the project in a consultation is the customization of a shower caddy. It’s possible that a door isn’t even necessary though. The wet room style shower is becoming increasingly popular with the introduction of many new rain shower designs coming at affordable prices. Take a look at different shower head options that are available to you. It might come as a surprise what kind of luxurious shower features are available at a budgeted price.

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