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Historic Hillyard prides itself as the oldest district in Spokane. It holds its title as the rough and tough dog-town of yesteryear. But, with the freeway going by and investment the city of Spokane put through to bring it up the town has a bright future ahead. Are you looking for a countertop installer that understands Hillyard at its core? Then Straightline is your team. We’re evolving as well and started out as Marble Cor down in our pocket of town, just off of Wellesley.

A New Touch to an Old House

historic wood counter
Historic wood counter

Countertops are relatively new to the horizon on Kitchen & Bath Remodels. The standard go-to was tile and occasionally wood throughout the early 1900’s. Wood can be impractical in this day and age since the upkeep is just too steep. As far as tile goes, it’s not a factor to consider in resale value of a home. Stone countertops may be new to the field but hold an old-world feel with a timeless precision about them.

tile backsplash with wood counter

Choosing the right backsplash

Considering the backsplash? Tile is most likely the way to go here. This was a big factor in character of the old home feel. Subway tiles are of course the staple with many different patterns to choose from. Outside of the subway there are many colors and choices that were used throughout the years. Finding those tiles and making them match will be the difficulty here. Follow the local links below to find supplies in town. And for a historic walk-through on Kitchen Backsplash, this Backsplash Progression article is spot on.

Used Home Remodeling Supplies in Spokane

active families hillyard

Hillyard is not all Old Homes, It’s Also Active Families

A family life is a busy life making the kitchen a runway for a torrent of events. When it comes to countertops for family life it needs to be something that stands up the test of time while also remaining relatively maintenance free. These are the primary arguments for Granite Countertops as they offer a solid surface that’s easy to clean while also providing a customizable surface that’s budget friendly.

What not to consider for active families

  • Marble – stains easily and is susceptible to scratches
  • Soapstone – Also soft and easily scratched
  • Soft Quartzite – Quartz is a durable countertop in general, but it’s good to check the strength ratio of quartzite before fully committing. If a quartz countertop is made mostly of dolmite it can be softer than traditional stone.

That’s all great, but we don’t want to cook today

Well, in that case you’ve come to the right place. Let’s list out the restaurants that are good for takeout here in the Hillyard district. Perfect food for eating on that easy to clean stone countertop surface.

Great Take-Out in Hillyard

  • Red Dragon Chinese FoodRed Dragon North
    • Red Dragon is a staple in Hillyard. It offers exquisite Chinese food with a traditional atmosphere. If you’re looking for a good pour the recently updated Dragon Lounge and serves from 11am – 9pm every day but Sunday
  • Mr J’s Take & Bake Pizza Mr J’s Take and Bake
    • Mr. J’s offers take-out or delivery and can also cook the pizza pie for a couple extra bucks. Hours are easy: 11:30 – 8:30pm 7days and the menu is mouthwatering.
  • Zip’s Drive InZips North
    • Located at 3212 N Market this is the fast food hub of Hillyard. Zips is a timeless Northwest Favorite. Offering shakes and burgers with a flavor that reminisces of the 50’s. Order take-out for a quick meal that’s sure to satisfy the whole family.
  • The Bad SeedBad Seed in Hillyard
    Tex-Mex located on 2936 E Olympic. The Bad Seed is located in the historic library building and offers a litany of drink choices along with spicy Mexican food that’s sure to satisfy the stomach. Stop by for street tacos, enchiladas, brisket, tortas and more.
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